Here’s some art I’ve created together with Katariina, heavily inspired by geometric shapes and nature. The art style unintentionally turned out looking quite similar to that of Monument Valley (great game by the way—buy it), but it wasn’t inspired by it. Instead she brought me a bunch of images she thought looked nice with lots of mystical nature shots and geometric objects, but none of them were available for purchase so I eventually decided to make something from scratch. I wanted to create something unique to hang on our walls, and this is the result. Printed at 50x7o cm, they make for good conversation pieces.


The art below was done as part of a few different classes in illustration and graphical design. I was forced to make these, but I still very much enjoyed making them. They are done very differently from one another, with the first consisting entirely of hand painted pixels and the other of object graphics, as you can probably tell. They both served as great turorials in Photoshop and Illustrator, respectively.


Proof-of-concept ads as part of fictional ad campaigns. Not very useful to anyone, but I spent a lot of time on them so I put them here. And also because I have a website.


A hobby and my new job: making websites. So now you’re probably wondering why you’re reading a generic WordPress blog! Ah, see, this predates my career change by a few years. It’s due for a revamp…

Most of my work has been with Forefront Consulting and We Ahead AB, but here are some other things I made:

  • There’s my online resume.
  • Baba’s Weather is a simple but pretty weather app that uses geolocation and Apixu’s weather API for data.
  • Then there’s this playful, goofy thing : Arboreal.  It was my first from-scrach build as part of my education.
  • is an easy and fun tool to compare cost of ownership for cars, built in Vue.
  • And there’s site that I recently rebuilt using modern web technologies: retro website. It was originally made as a joke back in 2010, but I’ve grown to love its obnoxiousness and kept it alive.


It’s been a while since I was deejaying. The transition to streaming music and different priorities in life made it more cumbersome, but I still keep my mixer because someday I’ll do another one. I also produced some of my own tracks way back, but they are objectively too terrible for the internet to hear. These mixes range from soothing ambient to angry electro house to some pretty heavy progressive trance.


Some music videos to celebrate happy moments. I’ve done a lot of video shooting and editing, but most of it I don’t want to share outside family and friends.

Shot everywhere in Europe between 2009 and 2010. A celebration of summer and the best moments of my life at that point. One of my early ones, edited in iMovie without the nice post-processing effects of other software. 7 years later watching it still makes me so happy, which is why it goes on top here.

The introduction trailer of the 25 minute short film. Shot and produced in 2011.

Shot in Koh Tao, Thailand in 2014. The fish were shy, but the experience was awesome.

Shot on iPhone in 2014, mostly to try out the then-new slow-motion feature.

A video about my brother’s stag party in April 2017. It was a great day (Now that it’s over, he agrees).


This is an excerpt of an article I wrote a while back:

Facebook's Acquisition of WhatsApp
Why spend $16 billion on a 55 people Californian startup? I’ve been asking myself that question since I read about the deal. So I did some digging.
Let’s start with Facebook, the ubiquitous social network, founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg who famously uttered ”if you guys were the inventors of Facebook, you’d have invented Facebook” to the people accusing him of intellectual property theft, made headlines recently when it acquired a small Californian company called WhatsApp. It should be readily apparent to anyone that Facebook is on a mission to connect the world: it currently has 1.23 billion active users, spurred by the company’s previous high-profile acquisition of Instagram, and a desire to continue growing. But what is WhatsApp?
Statistics show that smartphones are rapidly replacing traditional computers and cellphones, with communication increasingly taking place on the mobile internet. Facebook’s latest acquisition is an important step for the company to secure its dominance in an increasingly mobile world, as people abandon SMS and phone carriers inevitably turn into internet service providers.
Still, 16 billion dollars is an insane amount of money. Here’s why the deal makes sense.

Continue reading…


We’re a bunch of friends that sometimes make beer together. We all enjoy great craft beer, so we set out to create our own. We’ve done a few different styles ranging from lagers to ales. Below is our first beer ever, which was an American-style pale ale. It wasn’t very pale in color, but it turned out tasting really well. It deserved its own label, which I created and stuck on the bottles as shown below. The name is a play on American pale ale and the illustration is based on Kingkong climbing the water tower in my hometown of Sundbyberg.


I build electric bikes. This is a reminder to myself to do a writeup on them here but for now, a few pics: