Hexagonal posters

My girlfriend got inspired to create some custom art for a very sad and empty wall in our living room. Armed with the images she provided for inspiration, I set out to create something unique to us. Almost a year in the making (because Life™ got in the way), they’re finally done.

I had fun creating them. Especially difficult was coming up with what to write because neither of us really had something to say, but they’re supposed to be posters—just like the advertising that inspired them—so they had to say something, and I let her pick. The words are part of the theme and they look nice, but don’t read much into them. You’d never guess how she came up with them.

I’ve ordered PVC prints at 50 by 70 cm, and if they look as well as I hope, I might order Fracture version in the future.

Update 2016-10-20: They’ve been added to the new gallery.